Meet Sarah

Sarah Gallo

Sarah Gallo is an expert digital marketer with over 700,000 followers across her personal social media channels.

Utilizing nothing but social media marketing skills, Sarah went from start up to selling $2.5 million in products and services in the span of 11 months… and she did that with $0 ad spend! She has taken her expertise to consult with companies large and small on their marketing strategies and creative partnerships over the years.

Through this experience, she learned:

  • The art of crafting a story that sells on social media
  • How to execute email sequences and autoresponders that hook people in
  • How to create, upload, and sell courses online
  • How to engage and activate Facebook groups
  • How to design a funnel that converts
  • And countless more.

She has been invited to share her experiences with online marketing and social media from the stage for:

  • The United Nations
  • The US Embassy of Jakarta
  • The Women’s Business Summit of New York
  • SeaTrade Cruise Global
  • Narrative PR Summit
  • And other various digital marketing events.

She has also been featured in global publications across four continents, such as The New York Times, Forbes, Porthole Cruise Magazine, Al Ahram, Dagbladet, and La Nacion.

Because of these results Sarah has also become a highly sought after business and marketing consultant, and has spent 7 years consulting with companies around the world on their social media strategy and online presence. View her past clients below.

Additionally, Sarah has exceptional results running teams, leading strategy calls, growing social media accounts, and advising corporations on their marketing techniques.

Since launching her own travel brand, The Five Foot Traveler, Sarah has visited over 100 different countries across all 7 continents, while continuing to grow her global network.

Having worked on her laptop around the world, it goes without saying that Sarah is incredibly skilled and experienced when it comes to remote work, and is ready to equip you with the best tools and techniques necessary to thrive in this new work-from-home environment!

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