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When I had to take everything I knew about being on stage and presenting in person and make it virtual, Sarah was a huge help. And she was a delight! Sarah was extremely responsive and animated, and a joy to work with. She ensured that my presentation went flawlessly from the tech side and looked great. I can't recommend Sarah more highly!

Bryn Freedman
Curator at TED

Sarah is a go-getter all around marketer badass. Her attention to detail is unmatched. Whether you need a sales page, Zoom coaching, or a copywriter, I trust Sarah to get the job done and deliver exceptional results.

Ben Lee
CEO of Neon Roots

Sarah is a brilliant business and marketing expert. As the founder of a travel website, I’ve depended on her to carry out important strategic initiatives. Sarah understands the travel ecosystem, the players and how business is conducted across many facets of the travel industry. She is self-motivated, goal oriented and a perfectionist. She’s an absolute winner!

Hank Warner
Founder at Flowhaus

I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah on a number of campaigns within the cruise and travel industry, and Sarah is by far one of the most talented and professional content creatives out there. She goes above and beyond for her clients, delivering exceptional work derived through authenticity.

Christina Hunting
VP Digital Marketing at the PPI Group

Sarah was absolutely wonderful to work with - she's responsive, animated, and super talented. She understood from day one what we were trying to do as a company (live virtual fitness and yoga platform reaching the global masses), and consistently offered great suggestions that we implemented to engage our audience. Her marketing skills transcend industries and she is quite honestly amazing at her job. You won’t regret working with her!

Shayna Ventricelli
Co-Founder at LiveKick

'Ridiculously sharp' is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Sarah. I've had the pleasure of working with Sarah for several months, during which she has assisted us with garnering brand awareness for our product, Triptime® Insurance. Sarah has proven to be a very valuable asset to us in the world of Influencing. Sarah is an expert in the field and is able to portray connections to companies like ours in a very organic and natural tone. I'm particularly impressed by Sarah's ability to remain upbeat and adventurous while following through on her many commitments in a timely manner. Sarah also has a knack for testing the usability of websites and is able to provide very helpful feedback. No matter how busy Sarah is, she always finds time to giggle and brighten someone's day. Any company needing help with brand-recognition and/or UX feedback would be lucky to work with Sarah Gallo.

Brandi Peyton
Head of Marketing at Triptime Insurance

I had the privilege to work alongside Sarah while creating content for a client and she was an absolute pleasure to work with. Sarah understood marketing on another level that most others do not, and it showed throughout the entire project... from planning and development of different ideas, to being able to execute quickly on the job, and also implement that content in the best way possible to build brand awareness and drive traffic for the client. Needless to say the job was a great success! Can’t wait until we get to work together again!

Ceebz Gerard
Founder at DNC Media

Sarah is one of those rare people who are gifted, passionate and knowledgeable. I saw her speak at the Narrative PR Conference on Nation Branding in Cairo. Her talk was amazing: it was informative, insightful, and her passion for travel was infectious. From the moment she walked on stage until the standing ovation at the end she captivated the audience. Bravo!

Gordon Tredgold
Founder at Leadership Principles LLC

Sarah is an absolute gem when it comes to social media influencers and bloggers. She is authentic, charming and relatable — and her vibrant personality shines through in all her work. I had the pleasure of doing business with Sarah in West Palm Beach and Delray Beach. From the initial planning and itinerary development stages, to after her trip, she was responsive, professional, organized and flexible — which made everything run smoothly on both ends. I would highly recommend Sarah for content campaigns and look forward to working with her again someday.

Gina Kramer
Public Relations Manager at Discover the Palm Beaches

Sarah Gallo is an absolute delight to work with! From early inquiries, to itinerary development, to delivering content, Sarah was responsive, timely and gracious. Her writing is thorough and enthusiastic, just as she is, and her photography is terrific. I highly recommend her for in-market influencer campaigns, content development, public speaking, social media marketing, and product promotion.

Julie Ellis
PR & Communications Manager at Visit Myrtle Beach

Sarah was enthusiastic, motivated, and took pride in her work. She helped develop our content and executed her assignments on time, every time. I admired her professionalism, knowledge and outgoing personality. Sarah was a pleasure to work with and would be an asset to any team she works with in the future.

Ria Reuda
Owner at Bread and Butter Marketing & Public Relations